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C. Warmsley, an army doctor, collected lots of money in the cigarette smoking in the Cagayan

C. Warmsley, an army doctor, collected lots of money in the cigarette smoking in the Cagayan


Due to the black colored defector’s incorrect venture in order to general, guerilla fighters today managed him given that “Heneral” Fagen. Regarding the after the weeks, records to the challenging Western proliferated. An enthusiastic unsubstantiated tale portrayed Fagen as a cold-blooded executioner. However, multiple released POWs after challenged eg characterizations and you can testified so you’re able to Fagen’s kindness as they were in the infant custody.

This new U.S. Army’s famous “guerilla catcher,” Col. Frederick Funston, turned into obsessed with the capture of renegade and you can decried a great missed chance: “I experienced a pretty a look at the infamous Fagen at a distance of 100 m, but unfortunately, had already emptied my personal carbine. So it wretched guy got toward two hours authored me personally impudent and you will improperly spelled letters. Fagen is ‘eligible to an equivalent treatment because a mad dog’.”

Funston grabbed Aguinaldo rather-as a result of an elaborate ploy-on February 23. 2 weeks later on, the latest Filipino frontrunner swore allegiance for the You and you can bought their pushes to throw in the towel instantly. Inside Nueva Ecija, Standard Lacuna or other guerilla management obeyed its commander. Lacuna, however, refused Fullerton CA chicas escort to stop trying Fagen, and you will emerged off in the mountains with his officials after establishing the fresh new American of their order. Funston now embarked towards the a most-out search for “your head of one’s Western Negro.”

Into day away from December six, 1901, it searched that wily Funston finally bagged his quarry. Anastacio Bartolome, a former guerilla, exactly who today generated an income because a beneficial deer huntsman, entered the fresh Armed forces barracks in Bongabong, Nueva Ecija, around Lt. Roentgen.C. Corliss. The guy applied a material sack on to the ground and you may recited certain occurrences of one’s previous weeks, that the Western officer recorded as an enthusiastic affidavit.

The newest huntsman said he was angling with several companions regarding Umiray Lake you to definitely day, when Fagen arrived having a few Negrito nearest and dearest along with his indigenous wife. He greeting Fagen and his team to share a food regarding seafood and you may grain. The fresh new affidavit reads: “Whenever you are the were restaurants, Anastacio and his awesome class instantly turned on Fagen with his boys which have bolos. Fagen is mortally injured and you will went regarding the one hundred yards and you will fell lifeless. Both Negritos fled defectively wounded. Fagen’s wife went towards the water, sprang for the and drowned herself.”

Bartolome told you he hidden Fagen’s human anatomy for the riverbank, after cutting off their head. He unwrapped his sack to reveal the data, a great “badly decomposed head, with Negroid services.” Since the after that proof, Bartolome submitted a worn picture from Urbano Lacuna included in Fagen’s breast pocket and you will Lt. Alstaetter’s West Part group ring. The fresh You.S. Army signed the publication for the Pvt. David Fagen.

Veracity Expected

Although this has stayed the state membership, historians Michael Robinson and you will David Schubert authored into the 1974 an article curious the veracity. For the a combat in which most of the penny, nickel and you will mule try meticulously accounted for because of the U.S. Military, there stays no listing away from a $600 bounty provided to Bartolome. The historians along with discover multiple credible stated sightings away from Fagen by the Army troops weeks immediately following his stated death.

You’ll new deer hunter’s account was indeed a highly-devised area hatched by Lacuna and you may Bartolome to store brand new black colored defector alive? You’ll he has actually lived in the jungles off Luzon free from Jim crow and you will Frederick Funston, long afterwards the latest cessation from hostilities?

Are you aware that rest of Fagen’s comrades who stayed loyal to help you the Western flag, over a lot of opted in which to stay the islands on the discharge at war’s specialized end towards the July 4, 1902. Pointing out the “racial attraction” toward locals, of a lot intermarried which have Filipino female and compensated all over Main Luzon. They became clerks, instructors, small farmers and you will storeowners.

Chief Frank Steward became the new provost court of San Pablo, Laguna, if you are W. Almost a hundred years later, its Dark colored descendants is obtainable all over the newest Philippine diaspora, away from Pangsinan so you’re able to Pennsylvania-and you will San francisco, in which it first started its historical excursion and you will where a young black colored guy sailed on the their book added Philippine history.